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Double your house for half the money

  • Keep school placements, local community and lifestyle
  • Avoid the cost of selling, buying and moving
  • Design your home to meet your lifestyle
  • Build on existing renovations
  • Avoid moving stress

If you require planning or construction drawings for a home extension and feel an architect isn’t right for you, then we can offer the alternative.

What we do

  • Briefing. – Who are you and how do you inhabit your space? What are your aspirations?
  • Concept design. – What will it look like?
  • General arrangement drawings. – How will we fit and where will I store my stuff?
  • Planning applications. – Let’s get the right permission.
  • Project management. – Who will co-ordinate it?
  • Tender drawings. – Let’s get the price right.
  • Construction drawings. – Signed off and co-ordinated building plans and specifications.
  • ¬†Mood boards presenting colour, finishes and material selection. – How will it feel?
  • Furniture, product research and specifications. It is time to go shopping, or can we give a new life to pre-loved items?
  • On site management. – Let’s make sure it goes to plan.